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Helping families heal after a loss of an infant or child

Touchdowns for Travis is a non profit that started in January 2020, to help grieving families always remember their angel infant or child through a memory heart that can be added to your forever lasting family photos.

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Each of our memory hearts are customized with your child's name and date of birth if you choose.  Each heart is different and unique just as your child was and may vary in size. For every memory heart purchased there will be one heart donated to a grieving family of a infant or child.

You can purchase a memory heart for any family member no matter how young or old.  If you are are a grieving family of an infant or child please fill out our contact information below to get put on the waitlist to receive one. (please be patient as this is a new non profit organization). Thank you for your support!

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I am Heather, Travis’ mom. He was my second born child and born sleeping (stillborn) at 38 weeks gestation.  My (our) loss as a professional photographer I wanted to be able to add something to our family photos for years to come to show our precious boy is still with us even though he isn’t here on earth with us.  So I had someone make us a wooden heart and had his name added to the heart so he would never be forgotten and with us in everyone of our family photos that we either hang on the wall or send out as a Christmas card.  And I would like to share this with you to preserve your special angel for years to come in your forever family photos.

So we started Touchdowns for Travis as a way to raise money to be able to give grieving families something tangible to put into your family photos.  For all the sports fans out there you can play along with us and raise money to help another grieving family by playing in a season long football pledge. You can pledge any dollar amount per touchdown made by any one of your favorite footballs teams Tight End, making a touchdown throughout the season, or donate a fixed dollar amount to Touchdowns for Travis by clicking the donate link at the top. If you want to pledge per touchdown, you can put a cap dollar amount to your donation.

Example: You pledge $10 for each touchdown by your favorite football teams tight ends. The total number of touchdowns at the end of the season by the your teams tight ends let’s say was 7.

Your donation would be $70.

If you wish to participate in the full season pledge per touchdown season please email Heather at and let me know your pledge amount per touchdown by your favorite teams tight end (if you wish to put a cap on the donation please be sure to email me that dollar amount). Then at the end of the season I will email you your total pledge dollar amount and the link again to make your donation.

To learn more about why we choose a tight end football player see our story below.

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Our story

My name is Heather, my husband, Sam, and I lost our sweet precious baby Travis at 38 weeks gestation, July 2016. Our family has been through a very rough time trying to process the series of events that took place on July 16th and 17th and processing the “why” and “how” this happened.
We decided to look for a way to honor our sweet baby boy Travis, who we never had the opportunity to meet, but has touched so many. We truly believe this is what he would want, and as parents (as are most of you) we will do anything for our children.
So here is our idea…Some of you may know, but most probably do not, we got the name Travis from the tight end Travis Kelce for the Kanas City Chiefs. We were watching a Chiefs game, when Sam began yelling “Go Travis, Go Travis, Go,” then he turned and looked at me and said do you like that name for a boy? I remember tilting my head and thinking “yes, yes I do!” And from that day forward the name stuck!
To honor our sweet baby boy Travis as the Kansas City Chiefs head to the Super Bowl for the first time in over 50 years, we would like to raise money in his name and give back to those that have gone through this tragic event like us. We have had such a tremendous support group throughout this tragedy with family and friends. We are learning from attending support groups and meetings, not everybody is as lucky as we are. We would like to raise money in Travis Wesley’s name and the money raised will go to the be able to provide grieving families a memory heart to be able to use in family photos to honor your baby.  We believe by doing this it will help others, and us, heal (if possible) and always remember our Angels taken too soon.
In honor of Travis and for the love of the Kansas City Chiefs, where our son’s name came from, we would like for you to join us in “Touchdowns for Travis.” (See about on how to play)

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